Intel UHD 617 Gaming Benchmarks [2020]

Intel UHD Graphics 617 is an integrated graphic card, which is used on laptops, mostly on Mac Book’s and here is the question. Is it powerful enough to run today’s modern games? How much FPS should we expect while trying to play League of Legends or CS:GO etc? Today, we are going to test it out and see how powerful UHD 617 is.

Games we tested

We tested Intel UHD 617 Gaming performance by playing;

  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive
  • League of Legends
  • Apex Legends
  • Grand Theft Auto V
  • World of Warcraft
  • Rocket League

All of the results can be found as sorted at the end of the article. We used a Macbook air, i5 8gb.

Technical Specs of Intel UHD Graphics 617

Since UHD Graphics 617 is a mobile integrated graphic card, its technical features are limited. It has 192 shading units, 3 RoPs and 300+ mhz base clock. It is built on a 14nm processor which has 15W TDP.

 UHD 617 Specs
Shading Units192
Base Clock300+
Power Consumption(TDP)15W

Apex Legends

Our first game to test is Apex Legends. One of the most recent popular game in the sector. We will do a gaming benchmark and then, we’re going to see the Intel UHD Graphics 617 gaming performance. Let’s find out, is Intel uhd graphics 617 good for gaming?

Apex Legends- 1366×768 Lowest Settings

As you can see, even if we use the lowest settings, the result is not that good, but its still playable.

CS: Global Offensive, UHD 617 Gaming

Counter Strike Global Offensive is our next game. It is, at least for me, one of the most important game in this list. That is because CS:GO is a low-end graphic card friendly game. My expectation are quite high for that one. Let’s see the Intel UHD Graphics 617 gaming performance on this one. We, of course, are going to test cs go at lowest settings.

CS: Global Offensive, 1366×768 Lowest Settings

Here we go! The results are quite impressive. You can easily achieve a smooth gaming experience while using Intel UHD Graphics 617 at Counter Strike Global Offensive. UHD 617 passed that game for sure.

Grant Theft Auto V

Our next game is GTA 5. Of course, this is a more challenging game compared to the others, but remember, we’re testing this at 1366×767 screen resolution and lowest settings. Our goal should be around 30 fps to play it without any problems. Let’s see Intel UHD 617 Gaming Benchmark performance on GTA 5.

GTA 5, 1366×768 Lowest Settings

Intel UHD Graphics 617 gta 5 performance is decent. But you can run gta 5 for sure!

UHD 617 Gaming, League of Legends

Our next testing game is League of Legends. Bear in mind, UHD 617 is a low-end integrated graphic card. So, our priority is to be able to play games like CS:Go and LoL. Let’s do a benchmark and see Intel UHD Graphics 617 lol performance.

League of Legends, 1366×768 Lowest Settings

And we did it. We hit the 60 fps! Is leauge of legends playable with Intel UHD 617? Looks like the answer is, yes.

Rocket League

Rocket League is a popular balanced multiplayer game. But can UHD 617 run it smootly? Let’s see the Intel UHD Graphics 617 gaming performance while playing Rocket League.

Rocket League, 1366×768 Lowest Settings

Results are surprisingly good. It seems, Intel UHD Graphics rocket league performance is quite good. Let’s try our last game, World of Warcraft.

World of Warcraft

And here is my personal favorite game. Classic World of Warcraft launched, new expansion Shadow Lands announced. Let’s see Intel UHD Graphics 617 world of warcraft benchmark results.

World of Warcraft, 1366×768 Lowest Settings

Well, we didn’t hit the 60 fps but, 52 fps is still playable.

Intel UHD Graphics 617 Gaming Benchmarks

Here you have it. And here is the list of all the results as sorted.

Graphic CardGameFPSSettings
Intel UHD Graphics 617Apex Legends381366x768 Lowest
Intel UHD Graphics 617Counter Strike: Global offensive911366x768 Lowest
Intel UHD Graphics 617Grand Theft Auto 5391366x768 Lowest
Intel UHD Graphics 617League of Legends641366x768 Lowest
Intel UHD Graphics 617Rocket League691366x768 Lowest
Intel UHD Graphics 617World of Warcraft521366x768 Lowest


To sum up, Intel UHD Graphics 617 performance is quite solid. But bear in mind, gaming performance depends on many things, a low CPU may decrease the performance. UHD 617 is not a high performance graphic card, its just an integrated graphic card. So, if you want to play games like GTA 5, you should consider other options.

But, our goal was to be able to play games like CS:GO, WoW and LoL. And when it comes to these games, Intel UHD Graphics 617 is a pretty good choice.

Also, If you are considering to get more and more FPS, you will be surprised how much a single SSD or RAM could change your whole gaming experience. We done that for you as well, you can quickly check it out, all results are listed, by clicking here!

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below or check out the forum.

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